Old Woman Stands In The Train As Youngsters Have Their Eyes Glued To Their Phones, Furious Comments Surfaced Under The Picture

How many times in school or at home are we taught to respect our elders? This etiquette class starts in kindergarten and continues till high school, even beyond that if one is willing to learn. But this incident where an elderly woman was seen standing while young commuters are busy with their phones, says a lot about those learnings at school.

It is a common gesture (and polite, of course!) to offer a seat to elderly people on the train. Yes, it is common just in case you are thinking otherwise!

But in Sydney, this common gesture seemed to have taken a backseat. A picture emerged on Facebook which showed a few youngsters sitting while an elderly woman stood in front of them.

This photo received 25,000 shares in a matter of one week. All kinds of comments flourished under the picture. People were furious at those commuters who failed miserably at showing respect to that elderly woman.

There was one person who questioned the parenting style and put the blame there. The exact words were, “They probably don’t know any better thanks to their parents trying to be their best friends and not preparing them to be adults.”

This is just one of the many enraging comments. People were angry at those young commuters and did not shy away from giving words to their anger. They explained to them what manners are and what they would have done in that case.

Apart from these furious comments, some analyzed the whole situation deeply and explained that a picture might not depict everything. There can be certain elements to the situation that the picture alone cannot explain. One such comment was, “Not defending them but… someone may have offered, but the elderly said ‘No It’s ok I’m getting off soon or at next stop’.”

Sydney Trains issued a statement regarding this matter saying, “Sydney Trains encourages all of its passengers to observe appropriate transport etiquette including respecting elderly, disabled or pregnant customers by offering up their seats.”

A story can have more than one side but whatever the case was here, we just hope people understand the importance of giving respect to your elders. Even the small gesture of offering them a seat is highly impactful.