Ordinary Looking House Is Filled With Mannequins And Creeps Out Visitors

The house is located in South Lake Tahoe in the US on Primrose Road. The property is listed on a website and with a label that has the potential of attracting buyers. The three-bedroom duplex house is claimed to have good income potential because of its location. The house is labeled as sold “as-in” which means that the owner is selling the house with every piece of furniture kept there.

The normal house has a very disturbing view when anyone goes inside the house. The sight of a collection of mannequins is disgusting and creepy for many potential buyers. There are more than a dozen female mannequins dressed up in bright colors. All of them are wearing wigs and dressed like they are going to prom.

The mannequins in another room are accompanied by the statue of Mother Mary. There are dog figurines, a male mannequin, and many dolls in the room. All these are creepy and nobody knows why they are there?

The house is in the center of the area and in close proximity to casinos, beaches, shopping, skiing, and the only cinema in town. Its location makes this house a valuable option to buy. Above all this, the three deluxe size bedroom, and two bathrooms on the top floor, and two-bedroom and one bathroom with a garage on the ground floor is cherry on the cake. who doesn’t want this kind of house? Right!

the details of the house are astounding. After reading about the house, it is very difficult not to go and have a look at the house. However, the house has gone viral for all the wrong reasons when someone posted a picture of the mannequins kept in the house on social media.

Some of the viewers didn’t find the mannequins creepy but many of them voted against the mannequins. While going through the pictures posted on social media, the commenters were shocked to see the condition of the house. Some of them even commented that the retailer should’ve asked the owner of the house to remove those things before bringing any customers to show the property.

As it is said, what’s inside that matters rather than what’s on outside. The house may look beautiful and just like some ordinary house from outside but it is all creepy and scary from inside. For whatever reasons the owner might have kept the mannequins, it is scaring customers who are coming to have a look at the house. It is a rational choice that the mannequins should be removed if the owner is expecting to sell the house as it is annoying, distracting, and weird.