Outrage Over Parent’s Mean Question About Son’s Autistic Friend

A question asked by a child's parents on how they can stop their child from being friends with an autistic child ignited hatred towards them. They didn't think twice before posting this question online, how some people might react to it and find it straightway offensive and demeaning. Parents shammed the child's parents for asking this question.

The parents went on to Quora to get a solution to the problem at hand. In the post, they mentioned the fear of their child developing autistic character as his friend is an autistic child. The question soon got deleted from the website, but screenshots of it went viral.

The post they made said how she doesn’t let their son hang out with the child who is autistic. Their little minds thought that autism is contagious. They wanted to cut the cord before their child started to catch the “disease”.

After it got deleted from Quora, its screenshot with the top reply caught the attention of many users over Reddit. Reddit users were shocked to see the audacity of the parents, to ask such questions.

The top reply that was in the screenshot was written by Ron Sarraf-Berrios. In his answer, he mentioned that the user should have a discussion with the other parent. He added that let your better half do the parenting from now onwards. He called the questioner, a moron for asking such kind of questions. Further, he added that autism is not what spreads through one person to another. He also mentioned that stupidity spreads, so keep it to yourself.

Ron himself has a kid who is autistic, so he felt the pain every parent with special kids would go through. Ron once spoke to Bored Panda about the post that had him shattered. He added that he didn’t think of the question as a joke nor he wrote his answer for the sake of the information to be out there. He later saw Redditors bashing the post. They deleted the question after his answer and this made him sure that this was not a troll.

Ron is a stepfather to a child in the spectrum. It was so hard for him to see that question. So, he gave an answer that would humiliate the person. This snippet got viral over Murdered By Words Forum on Reddit. Although the caption of the photo was this stupid, it hurts and it was fully justified. The screenshot got more than 64,000 upvotes and many comments showing their hate towards the questioner.

One User shared that his mind wasn’t able to comprehend that people can be this stupid. A parent to an autistic child showed his wrath to the questioner and to all the other people who think autism is contagious.

Another user shed a light on how this friendship could be useful for both the children. The autistic kid could really use a friend, which will help him develop some social skills. This would also help the other kid that all kids are not neurotypical.

People are so careless that they ask some hurtful questions. They don’t think who might read it and feel bad about themselves.