Owners Took Revenge From A Customer Messing With Their Sign Board

Owners of a coffee shop executed a perfect revenge plan for a customer. The customer was constantly messing with their shop’s signboard and after a lot of patience, they decided to take action. When the customer did not stop on their own they took an action against the customer.

Messing with housekeeping, bartenders, caterers, waiters, and others surely have some serious consequences. A customer learned that in a hard way after the patience of the owners wore out. They could not help but take action against the customer.

Atlas Espresso in Hobart, Tasmania, owned by Sue Stagg and Jon Stagg is a very famous coffee shop. It is famous for its signboard which is very cheeky and creative.

With all the people of the town happy with the sign, they could not figure out why a specific customer had a problem with the signboard. The customer regularly defaced the signboard. A female regularly came by their shop. But before entering the shop and having her coffee she used to spit on her hands and mess with the signboard.

Never screw with the guy who makes your coffee from funny

After noticing this the owners decided to take any action against the offending customer.

They plotted an act of perfect revenge which included their same routine but with a few touches. Just like any other day they wrote a message for their customers on the signboard. But that day the message was for a particular customer. The message read, “Every day a charming girl spits on her fingers and smears my chalk sign. No biggy. But I’ve gotta know, does she read the sign? So today I dipped my chalk in cat excrement – I guess we’re going to find out.”

Guess what, the message worked for the customer because the signboard had no smudges or smears on it. The message was intact for the whole day. Without any exchange of words and any other headache, the owners solved their problem and took an act of revenge as well.