Parent Shamed For ‘Disgusting’ Car That Took Seven Hours To Clean

There are several instances where you will find a parent feel pity for themselves just because of the concussions that children gift them with. Any person would dwindle out of the energy for scouring out the mess created by their little beloved ones and this doesn’t end up here.

It also requires a wholesome amount of money, especially when it comes to cleaning up the car. Now, this incident from New South Wales, Australia will show you that it is more than just an ordinary story you have bumped into till this date. The car was in such an amazing condition that it needed the support of the professional cleaners to give it an opportunity for a re-birth. So, let’s have a glance at the beautiful scenario inside the car.

The back seat was covered with layers of dirt which include biscuits, sweets, wrappers, and even a lollipop stick on the carpet. Seriously, the condition of the carpet and covers was nothing to write home about. When the car came at the Proline Automotive, the staffs present there knew that it would take a long time to clean up such a huge mess. The company usually had the propensity to post ‘after’ photos of the car, but this time they were impelled to click the pictures before cleaning to show the havoc that had happened.


This arduous task of cleaning the Mazda took almost seven hours. The carpet and seats had to be shampooed several times to remove stains, sticky substances, and stench. Even after putting such strenuous effort, the marks on the seats couldn’t be removed as they were the outcome of putting baby seats over them. That’s why the company advised people to keep a towel under the baby seat if that doesn’t violate the child seat safety guidelines.

After seven hours, it wasn’t discernible to see the condition of the car as it looked a lot better than before. But it was still a mystery for so many people flummoxing them to comprehend how the car’s condition was dragged to this extent. Someone had a terrible whim about the situation of these parents’ house. People still doubted if the car ever got cleaned earlier.


Along with these comments of astonishment, some people had been experiencing the same and could easily challenge this case. The discussion depicted the destruction created by their kids. Someone compared the condition to that of a road trip with a toddler whereas another one was glad to find a competitor for his ex-wife in terms of poor car hygiene.

People expressed their views on the matter and one commented “That is absolutely disgusting, have they never cleaned their car!?” another commented: “Wow. If you guys want a real challenge, I’ve got an Imax. Six kids under 7. It’s a bit feral!”