Parents Bid On Teachers In Elementary School In A Shameful Auction

Schools often face fund glitches. So they keep on trying different ideas to put some golden pennies in their kitty. The PTA of Markham School in Oregon came up with such a wild idea. The members of the association presented their plan to the principal Shawn Garnett. It was about an auction night in which teachers would be put on auction blocks. Parents would bid on teachers for their kids. After going through its length and breadth, Shawn gave his nod. And then the night of bizarre came. Teachers were standing on auction blocks. Parents of little Aiden were told to shell out some cash in order to seal Mrs. McGillicuddy as the teacher of their kid for next year. The juggernaut of ignominy proceeded ahead and broke the ceiling. Six parents forked out some $1300 to lock the ‘suitable’ teachers for their kids.

The event ended in the emanation of disgust. Teachers were shattered. Those who were not bid on by the parents felt their efforts to be undermined. Suzanne Cohen, the president of the Portland Association of teachers, lamented the lapse in judgments. The epitome of knowledge felt dejected with their confidence being crushed. It ignited the fire of criticism that engulfed the concerned authorities. To make things fall back in line, officials resorted to the pool of apologies. They repented the loss of honor inflicted on the teachers.

Also, the funds earned from the obnoxious night were returned back to the parents. The results of bidding were suspended to bring things back to normalcy. Harry Esteve, the spokesman of Portland Public School, ridiculed the whole idea behind the organization of the ill-famed auction night. One teacher, on the condition of anonymity, commented that no school was perfect, everyone makes mistakes and they were all just trying to move on from that.

The striking event has shaken the pillars of human sensitivity. How can one compare the endurance of teachers with pennies? It has certainly set out tremors in our conscience. These incoherent moves weaken the efforts made to cement the strong bond between teachers and pupils. Teachers need our support to move ahead and script the bright future of our world. Scrupulous souls need to come forward and thwart the implementation of these kinds of virulent thoughts.