Parents Redo Gender Reveal For Their 17-Year-Old Child

We all know that gender reveal parties can be a fun way to welcome the addition of a new family member but at the same time they can even serve a better purpose. One such family invented a whole new type of gender reveal party to honor their child’s newly discovered gender after 17 odd years.

Being fussy and doubtful about your child’s gender can result in some great misunderstandings of all times. When you decide to go gaga about something that isn’t even sure to occur, it disappoints you to death. A similar situation occurred in the life of a parent, who anticipated their child’s gender even before he/she was born. Little did they know that the reality was far beyond their distant imagination.

Love Gwaltney shared her story on Facebook where she explained why she and her partner felt the need to reintroduce their child’s identity to the world. She added that they wanted to announce that they had got it wrong 17 years ago when they happened to tell the world that they were all set to welcome a little girl soon in their family. Now, she completed by saying that she would like to introduce everyone to his son, Greywho was like any other ordinary boy wholiked staying up late night, hated taking showers, and ate a lot of junk.

The couple got clicked alongside a cardboard box with pink, blue, and white balloons hovering in the air. Gwaltney is currently pregnant with her youngest child so everyone was likely to assume that the box contained a hint regarding the new baby’s gender.

But, to everyone’s amazement, their newly discovered 17-year-old teenager popped out of the box with some balloons which were neither pink nor blue.

Boy or girl?…………..The first thing we wonder about when we get pregnant (after all the holy crap! I'…

Posted by Love Gwaltney on Saturday, July 11, 2020

Gwaltney explained with pride that the colors of the balloons they had selected and the color of the cake layers both represented the non-binary pride flag and transgender bodies. She added by apologizing to all who had gathered here just to find out whether the new child was a girl or a boy.

The family got an overwhelming pool of support which was all handled well by Grey. In addition to that, the post got uplifting support and recognition by the trans and non-binary people, who were deprived of this much support, warmth, and recognition from their family and parents.

Gwaltney wrote that for each LGBTQ person who felt connected with this or who in, any way felt seen with the post, they were proud to have brought this recognition to them even briefly for that matter.