Parents Share Hacks To Keep Their Kids Busy With Water And Paintbrush

It is not easy to look after the house and give proper time to kids. It is another job for working moms. But one mother has found the perfect way to indulge the kids using just paints and brushes. Not only the kids love it they also think that it is very cool.

A mother shared her experience as a working mother with readers online and many could relate to her. The working mother of one has to make sure that the house is neat and clean, everything is in place, has to reach her working place on time and has to make sure that her son also gets proper attention. Her son is very small and at that stage, a parent needs to give proper attention, love, and care to their children.

Though the working mother has a proper routine and schedule for her son and herself, then also sometimes it is exhausting. The mother ensures that all the cooking, cleaning, packing of lunch and other necessary tasks are done before her son wakes up for school. While her son is at school she is at her working place and that part of the routine matches.

But even after a lot of planning and keeping everything under schedule she is unable to spend time with her son. At times it is difficult for her to make her son understand why her mother does not spend more time with him. If she is unable to spend time with her son on the weekdays and tucks him in because of school and because she gets tired after the whole day. She ensures that she makes it up to her son by spending time on the weekends.

Usually, iPads, movies, and cartoons don’t entertain him that much and her son easily gets bored. She has to find new ideas to keep him entertained for a longer period of time so that at that time she can complete her other work as well. The working mother did a lot of research and finally stumbled on a solution. The solution read “I found that giving little ones paint brushes and a little bowl of water and letting them ‘paint’ the shower door, or windows keeps them busy for a good chunk of time! Don’t forget to put towels down!”

While many read this and encouraged other parents to try and use this trick. The parents can even improvise this trick to make it cooler. One reader wrote “Works outside in the summer, too. The sun evaporates it and the kids think it is so cool!”

Someone else shared ” I get a muffin tin and add water, cornstarch and food coloring to make a cheap and easy ‘chalk paint.’ Then let them paint the drive way. I usually use just a spoonful of cornstarch, as much food coloring as you want and then fill with water (not too full that you can’t move the muffin tin). And stir. The kids have a blast — when it dries it really looks like chalk. It’s definitely messier, but it all washes off.” Well, the working mother is very happy that not only her son is busy with painting things but is also happy doing it. With that, he helps in tidying up the house.