Parents Want To Put Babysitter On Blast For Sneaking Someone In Their House

The couple was forced to leave the town in the severe situation of ongoing lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic for a month due to a death in the family. They could not take their child along considering the safety measures. Therefore, they hired a recent college graduate who lived down the street and was their go-to babysitter for the past year. She was hired to house-sit and care for their dog and clear guidelines were given to follow the ‘stay home and social distancing rules’. In addition to this, they expected her to be the only person taking care of their house considering their dog’s unusual behavior around strangers. They were hoping she could help them while they were on their unexpected trip.

Unfortunately, they discovered evidences proving someone else’s stay at their home along with her after their return. Earlier, she was concealing and lying about other person’s stay and the fact that she was not watching their home all by her lonesome while they were out of town. In order to achieve her mischief, she temporarily disabled their exterior security cameras. According to them, it was a clear massive violation of their trust as well as their privacy, security and public health practices. They expressed their hurt and disappointment after she admitted her mistake and apologized. Furthermore, she was informed about the no-longer hiring and recommending thing by them.


The babysitter’s negligence and self-centered actions put their health on risk and the parents pondered if they should warn their neighborhood network about this or to keep it to themselves. They were in fact in a dilemma whether her series of bad and compounding decisions should be ignored with a warning to her or they should take the matter to the neighborhood. The parents were also worried that the move would be vindictive rather than just sharing information. Finally, they decided to go for asking an outside perspective and got really mixed reactions on this. One of the commenters questioned them on restricting the entry of significant others. While some agreed on the fact that the Letter Writer was making himself look like a ridiculous control freak.

Moreover, some people suggested the idea of including a ‘plus-one’ in the live-in dog sitting contract as long as nothing was broken or stolen. One of the commenters suggested that the babysitter was not throwing any parties or inviting random people so she was justified in her acts. However, many agreed on the violation of social distancing by the girl and that one must give appropriate information regarding such stay. Many users advised them to inform others and warn them of such practices.