Passenger Successfully Turned Her Seat Into A Bed Leaving Others In Disgust

Everyone wishes to travel in first class with fully reclined beds on a long flight. But everybody cannot travel to one. Well, that never stops a person to dream about it or find the closest solution to a fully reclined bed on a long flight. One woman found the solution for a bed in her long flight.

While the passenger found how to experience something closest to a bed on her journey via airplane. The passengers traveling with her found her behavior ‘sickening’. But many others stood with her in her defense. A video was uploaded on the Passenger Shaming Instagram page of the passenger lying on the empty seats with her legs in the air and feet on the window of the airplane.

While the passenger tries to shut her eye for some time and get rest a fellow passenger sitting in the next aisle recorded the whole thing. While the fellow passenger was recording another man in the same row cannot control his laughter and tears of joy. Though the morals tell us that one should not judge anyone but this video made many people judge the sleeping passenger.

With more than 1,000 comments and 300,000 views, people were still commenting on the video. The video looked like the passenger was ready for a pelvic examination with her each foot in the window shutter to keep them in position. One woman stood with the passenger and wrote: “She paid for the seat, she can do what she likes. Not hurting anyone and probably exhausted.”

The account admin replied to the comment and wrote: “Oh hey, heads up… purchasing a ticket doesn’t entitle you to do whatever you want in an aeroplane.” Other comment read: “I feel like I can smell this photo.”

But many others stood up for the woman and said “Maybe she has restless leg syndrome or some other issues. Not a nice thing to judge others when we have no idea of their condition. This doesn’t mean that I approve the act by itself but shaming someone is just too much.” Well, one does not know what the truth is just that people had different opinions about the whole thing.

Well, one thing is true that one should not judge any person until and unless they are harmed in any way. The passenger might be going through anything and irrespective of it no one should judge her. One should always be compassionate for strangers. If you cannot help anyone you should certainly not add to their problems. Be compassionate.