Patients Connect To Their Families Via Recorded Stuffed Animals

The pandemic has created much causality. It has forced the affected to isolate making them miserable and missing their loved ones. Two ICU nurses came up with a creative solution of talking Stuffed Animals so that the affected can boost their morale and recover quickly.

Covid-19 has made not only the affected but the rest as well to isolate. This is the only way found to date to fight the disease. The affected ones are kept in isolation and are treated very carefully. As per precautions, the affected are not allowed to be near anyone, be it their loved ones. This makes the patient a little depressive about the fact that they have to get through a lot on their own and they can’t meet their loved ones.

Michelle Vaughan was one of the two nurses who came up with the idea of talking to Stuffed Animals. Her previous years’ experiences with stuffed animals used to motivate patients were helpful enough so that she could use them here as well. Though, she felt the simple stuffed animals were not enough and something special had to be added. She then decided to record the voices of the loved ones of the patients. The recording device was then sewed in the stuffed animals and then by pressing a button the patients could hear voices which they craved for.

Patients now had someone to hug and talk. One becomes most miserable in their illness and in such times, the requirement of their loved ones by their side is the most important thing. These stuffed animals surely gave a lot of hope to the patients and boosted their morale.


The idea was born when Michelle saw her first patient pass away and the husband could not even see her. Then, it was Michelle and her fellow nurse, Meagan Wright at St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia who decided to help their patients. Wright said that they encouraged the family members to take nicknames. She added that they knew patients were always listening and this gave them some light to fight.

Michelle asked one of her patients who were discharged about the voices and the patient’s reply left her really touched. The patient said that she could hear her loved ones calling her every night. Such feedbacks motivated Michelle and Wright to continue their endeavor.

The patients who missed their loved ones now pressed the button each time they got back in their rooms. This somehow helped them to feel the presence of their loved ones. Michelle and Wright have made over two dozen talking stuffed animals till now and they do not intend to stop anytime soon. This creation has helped many patients to have a speedy recovery.

In times like these, treating the ill has become a hefty task. It is not only the physical illness but the mental illness as well which has to be tackled. Such creative solutions have helped the patients to build some positivity around them. This positivity is really important for a speedy recovery. We would like to show our gratitude towards the two nurses who went a step of their duty to help the patients.