Pensioner Confesses She Unknowingly Turned Down A £13 Million Van Gogh Painting

The 1885 Van Gogh painting later came to be known as Peasant Woman in Front of a Farmhouse.

Gaye Horrell was asked by her former in-laws if she wanted anything from their Staffordshire farmhouse as they were about to hold a sale. She revealed how the painting was offered to them in 1929 as a payment for some farm supplies, but her in- laws were adamant that the painting wasn’t worth anything and she, instead, chose a brass handbell.

A church treasurer of Ashton Keynes, Gaye revealed, “My in-laws Charles and Molly Holme had the sale of household bits and pieces alongside the farm sale and I was told to chose something for myself beforehand.”

“I saw the picture and immediately liked it. The painting looked old, very dirty and uncared for, and had a hole in it, but I still liked it. They persuaded me it wasn’t worth having and not to bother with it.”

Further adding: “As I was advised not to bother I have seen various articles about its life after the sale, but their was not a lot I could do.”

It is now revealed that the painting was recently sold for about 13 million Euros at the European Fine Art Fair in Holland. The price hasn’t been revealed but the experts believe it to be worth between 12 to 13 million Euros.

The picture was first sold for 4 Euros to a local auction house. Then it was found in a junk shop by Luigi Grasso who bought it for 45 Euros. Later, he noticed the faint signature ‘Vincent’ on the painting and sent it to the Van Gogh museum in The Netherlands to verify its authenticity.

Over time, its value increased from 100,000 Euros to 1.5 million Euros to now about 13 million Euros.

Regretting her decision back in the day, Gaye said, “Oh dear, how very naïve of me. Of course, in those days I couldn’t argue with them and ended up with a brass handbell. I learnt my lesson the hard way.”