People Clicked Pics Just At The Right Moments


There are some photographers who are born to capture breath-taking pictures and then there are we who are just lucky! They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words and these talented photographers put everything in line, just to get the right picture. Or you could just open your camera in your phone, grab a couple of shots, go back home and check these pictures, only to realize that you have captured a “once in a lifetime” picture.

Here are some of the perfect examples of ‘Pictures Taken At The Right Moment’.

#1 When you find an article about you in a famous book


How often do you find something written about you in a newspaper or a book? We wonder what’s going on in this little birdy’s mind? Maybe thinking, “what this human could possibly be reading about me?” “Why do you need a book when I’m right in front of you? Ask me, HUMAN!”

#2 Chef preparing a Chinese meal accidentally summons a fire dragon


We haven’t really tasted his food yet, but we would definitely give him full marks for the presentation. This talented chef certainly knows how to woo his customers and make their eating experience worthwhile. Does anyone know where this “fire dragon summoner” works?

#3 I think this little fella just dropped his nuts!


This cute fluffy guy was just about to have his favorite meal when it slipped from his tiny hands. “Hey you, Are you nuts? Where do you think you are going?… You are my nuts!” Ok, fine we went a little crazy with that one.

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