People Left Stunned By Man’s Home Listing For Person With ‘Right Energy’

This man has been trying to find a fourth person, someone who’d be a perfect fit for his four-bedroom house. The enthralling element of this housemate search is the long list of qualities that the man wants the deserving candidate to have.

This anonymous man had uploaded an advertisement on the Irish housing website Daft which was shared on Twitter. What led people to take this post to Twitter was their stupefaction on seeing the demands of this man. He had mentioned how he wanted someone who works from home and has a “good energy” and is willing to join his “little community”. He called it a “unique opportunity” to share a bedroom at a low rent, with 3 other people next to a beach in Sandymount, Dublin.

He also mentioned the details of the other two occupants, along with his own. He himself is the owner of the house, almost in his 40s. He is a retired man with a passion for gardening. The second person is a Brazilian woman, who’s in her 20s and works in the IT department, and is currently working from home. The third person is also woman in her 20s. She’s an American who’s currently pursuing her masters in IT, studying from home.


According to him, this house arrangement along with the kind of people living in it would particularly suit a writer, artist, or a student who studies from home. He further added that he, along with the other housemates are looking for someone who has an interest for gardening and nature and is ready to participate in their little community. He mentioned that they don’t want a person who is involved in the modern day rat race, or to put simply, someone who has a job that requires them to work outside the house.

He added that his rent is below the market rate as his main objective is not to bring in money, but to find the ideal person, someone who will bring positive energy into their home and little community. He asked the desiring people to reply to him with a brief description of themselves along with their mobile number.

The repost of this man’s advertisement on Twitter has received more than 2,000 likes. While some people were left bemused by the list of qualities that he wanted in his ideal housemate, others took his side and wrote that there’s nothing wrong in the man wanting to create a nice environment for himself. While defending the man, a person wrote why is it that just because his list doesn’t suit someone, they call him a weirdo. He also added that maybe he’s just a nice guy who’s trying to help other people and create a nice environment for himself.