People With Autism Helped Through QR Code Menu At Nando’s

People suffering from autism often face the problem of ordering at restaurants with profuse menu and procedures. They find it problematic to choose from such an enormous menu as Nando’s. Tadelayo Sodipe, a twenty-four-year-old designer developed a menu with Quick responsive codes to solve the issues faced by such people.

Tadelayo is an art and design graduate. Presently, he is working as a teaching assistant and residential support worker. In addition to this, he works as a freelance designer. He said that he aims to impart educational aid to the children suffering from autism. He has been working with such children. To make these kids proficient members of society, he undertook several activities daily.

The thought to design QR code menus came to his mind when he noticed that kids with autism could not envision what they wanted to order due to the massive details on the menu cards. He also observed social awkwardness between kids with autism and working staff when it came to placing the order. These QR code menus provided a better picture when scanned by the user.

Under the current scenario of COVID-19, this technology is progressively acquired by restaurants to abide by the social distancing norm for contactless service. Sodipe considered this technology as a solution to the problems of those with autism and social disorders. He designed the Nando’s QR code menu in such a way that it simplified the entire facts and also attached photographs which would help the kids envisage their order before placing it. According to Sodipe, this would polish their self-standing and decisive ability.

The QR code procedure is simple. Once scanned, it takes the user directly to the Nando’s page where they can opt between online payment and payment on the counter. This also helps to place the order through a single tap. This easy technique cuts the conveying issues faced by people with autism.


Sodipe initially shared his concept through a tweet that conveyed, ‘I work with children with autism and they sometimes find it hard to order at your restaurants. I designed a QR code menu that could possibly help make things a bit easier for them! Let me know what you think.’ He tagged Nando’s in the tweet. The tweet received a wondrous response with thirteen thousand likes and five thousand re-tweets. It also grabbed the interest of famous food chains like Nando’s and Vapiano.

After the tweet went viral, Sodipe gained numerous messages from people telling him how much accessible this technology may prove for their siblings and even for people who face social problems. He felt glad that his perspective was well taken by the public. Including the many responses, one of them was of Vapiano, which wanted advice on how they could upgrade their ordering style to the next level.

In response to so much love, Sodipe said, ‘I loved the support and togetherness people have shown, even in this current climate people are ready to show love to something outside of the norm.’

Vapiano, which has QR code menus on the entrance, is of the view that they are open to learning anything which could be further done for improvement. While Nando’s, keeping the social distancing norm in mind, is following a pay-at-table app system.