Photographer Turns Pregnant Women Into Disney Princesses

A photographer named Vanessa Firme works out some pearls of bliss by transforming soon-to-be mothers into magnificent Disney princesses. To make the stress-laden ladies live the dreams, the artist sets the photography lens to capture their fantasy bits. From Cinderella to Snow White, all take up the looks of pregnancy to let their fans look beyond the tales.

Fantasy has always managed to set the imagination mode on to fill the world full of boredom with some ecstatic bits. From unicorns to bubbling princesses, all line up to inspire the snoring nerves of little nuggets. Their charm leaves an indelible imprint in the hearts of admirers. The invincible time also slumps down when it comes to exorcising the magic of fantasy thriving in the souls. To let the souls recede to their childhood fascination, a photographer named Vanessa Firme has gone ahead to initiate a wave of transformation.

It all started when Vanessa put her eyes on a maternity dress from maternity designer named Amada Mae. The custom-made Belle outfit ignited her creative nerves. She put her might in singling out a theme that could go with the dress. Then, her mind allured her soul to the wave of fantasy that came up with the release of “Beauty and the Beast” movie. The 2017 chartbuster made her grab the old lines of imagination. But that time, she was up for a change.

Putting the dress up with the movie-theme, the photographer decided to start a maternity photo shoot with elements of fantasy for the soon-to-be mothers. It aimed at showering some pearls of bliss on the women going through the bumpy phase of pregnancy. Finally, giving it a nod, the artist opened up her hub for the Disney princesses.

To her delight, the project managed to strike a chord with the expecting women. Their souls jumped up with joy on catching the shreds of the fantasy. They started lining up to live their childhood dreams. From Cinderella to Snow White, all stood up proudly to flaunt their baby bumps. The artist from Brazil does not miss to add a suitable environment in the background to reflect out the real fantasy tales but with the expecting princesses.

Joining the Disney star-ladies, Princess Fiona from “Shrek” also posed with the crown. The pregnant woman looked adorable in a green dress with ogre ears accompanying her look. One could see another soon-to-be mother all in smiles holding an apple in one hand and supporting her baby bump with another hand. The blue vibes of Aladdin also light up the sphere with an expecting mother blushing in royal Arabic blue outfit.

Shedding light on the theme, Firme shared that she wanted to make the world look at the life of the protagonist after the happy end of the tale. Taking on that part, she said, “I thought, this must be what happens after ‘happily ever after’”.

Crowning the privilege of being the mother of two kids, she said, “It is very fun and pleasurable to see someone transform into a princess and I often think about how it will be written in family history.”

To cherish more of the fantasy bits disseminating the pregnancy joys, one can look up to her Instagram page. The adorable pictures make all the pregnancy hues vanish into the air with their magical smiles.

The soon-to-be mothers of the golden age are thus taking on their pregnancy besets by donning their childhood fantasy dreams.