15 Pictures That Are A Testimony To The Fact That Felines Are Up-to No Good Like Always!

It’s often said that there is nothing as unconditional and pure as an animal’s love. But there is one animal whose reputation as a pet is not very respectable. They are considered lazy, indifferent and even violent at times, and have a rapport of being insolent. Although this might be true, it does not change the fact that even these narcissistic creatures desire love and affection from their humans. As much as we hate to admit this, these fur balls are not as well behaved as we would like them to be. From eating our cake to stealing our newspapers and slurping on our drinks, these cats don’t seem to mind being caught red-pawed. While some of the cats look shocked to have been photographed mid-mischief, others appear arrogant and look like they don’t give a damn. So, here 15 pictures of felines up to no good that will give you an idea what all goes around the house when you are not around.

#1 Plotting their way to food!

Cats had been plotting to steal food from the top shelf when they were caught.


#2 La-La Land?

An ambitious little kitty aiming for things she shouldn’t be!


#3 Caught in the act!

These naughty cats look surprised to be caught mid-tussle


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