Police Dog Turns Superhero After He Tracks Down Two Kids Who Were Lost In The Woods

Police dogs have never been given credit for helping out in the toughest cases. This Dutch shepherd helped the police in finding 2 lost children in a matter of 15 minutes and the police search dogs are now finally getting their share of the credit.

A Facebook post from the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office is something you need to have a look at. A Dutch shepherd and K-9 deputy did an incredible job. He was able to find two 8-year-olds in just 15 minutes.

he two kids had been playing in the woods near their Powhatan, Virginia. The parents had been searching for them for about 45 minutes then and the sun had started to set. When they were helpless, they reached police for help.

The authorities sent deputies with K-9 deputy Bane and they first searched the house. They then got the dog out and started searching for the kids in the woods. When talked to the kids who were lost, one of them said that when his brother and an older friend came looking for them, they thought they were playing a chasing game with them. However, when they went further inside the woods, they lost the track they were on and got lost.

When they found out that they are lost, they tried going in different directions to find a way to their home.

Bane didn’t take more than 15 minutes to find the kids and he helped them get home safely.

Police congratulated him for the efforts and even realized the importance of having a K-9 unit through a Facebook post.


In the post, they said, “Maintaining a K-9 program is expensive and very time consuming and that is why many agencies the size of the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office do not have one. But incidents like last night’s two 8-year-old children being lost in the woods are why the Sheriff keeps the program going strong.”

As soon as the children reached their home safely, he was waiting for his next call for service.

After praising him on social media, they even treated him well in real life. Bane was given Chick-Fil-A ice cream after his successful day on the job. The Dutch shepherd has major attention and love for him now. Bane even has a Facebook page and people want to know how to donate in his unit.

We are glad that Bane is not letting his success to his head and if you want to keep a track of his activities, make sure to check his Facebook page.