Postcard Gets Delivered A Century After It Was Actually Sent

Brittany Keech saw the postcard lying with some bills, mails and other stuff in her mailbox. She was busy with her work and did not pay much attention to the letter. But later on she realized that something was not correct and found out that it was actually posted on October 29, 1920. The postcard had her home address that was in Belding, Michigan written on it, while it was directed to someone named Roy McQueen. It also had a one cent George Washington stamp on it. The smudged stamp says Jamestown; the state appeared to be covered by a sticker.


The letter was posted two days before Halloween and had a black cat holding a broom. It even had a bat, a goose and an owl accompanied with a woman holding a cane. It also had a lantern wearing a witch’s hat. The letter was written by Flossie Burgess to her cousin. The sender wished for the cousin’s good health and told about her mother’s awful lame knees. The sender told that it was cold there. She mentioned that she had just finished a history lesson and was heading to go to bed. She even wrote that her father was shaving and her mother was telling her the address. Burgess also hoped for grandpa and grandma’s decent health. She also asked her cousin to write her back.

Keech said that she thought that it was very peculiar as no one would send a postcard these days. She even told she had shared her discovery on social media and was very excited to find the sender’s relatives or someone to give the postcard to. A spokesperson from the Postal Service claimed that in generally they do not involve mail that had been lost in the network and had been found later. Rather he said that they typically purchased old letters from flea markets, antique shops or even online and then reenter it into their system if it had a stamp and a deliverable address on it. While Keech said that she had got a lead on a relative and that could possibly be the receiver of the letter.