Pregnant Woman Repeatedly Jokes Her Colleague Is Her Baby’s Daddy

A young man claimed to be in a surprising yet uncanny situation caused by his pregnant colleague, who had been spreading the fake news of him being the father of her baby. The man certainly had no idea until he was asked by other colleagues regarding the big disclosure. While after the confrontation, the woman brazenly explained that she was trying to have a fun time and was just joking around. Due to this reason, many of his co-workers started to believe that he was actually the father of her baby which made him feel like he had already committed an unknown crime as previously he was in a relationship with someone else for the past five years.

So, a thing like that definitely had to be a made-up scenario. Talking about her on social media, the guy explained of being aware of her humorous side and had known her for almost two years. The woman used to crack jokes about him being her ‘work spouse’ as the two of them had similar schedules and pretty much used to get along. But all of this was done in front of his face and remained between the two so he always used to laugh it out and never really got serious.

But the rumors that she had been spreading this time were totally unacceptable and she had to be questioned for such a hilarious act. Basically, the woman got pregnant around five months before and now she was trying to get things done from him at their workplace claiming herself to be his baby mama. As things were getting awkward for the guy, he even tried to shut her down whenever she cracked the pregnancy joke but she never really played any heed to his warnings.

Clearly, she was being extremely insensitive and selfish knowing the fact that the guy was getting uncomfortable because of her and did not create a conducive environment for him. Looking at the situation, it was now nearly impossible for the guy to make the changes for the things that had been said and done as many people already knew about it and had been told many times. Considering the ongoing scenario, such an irrelevant joke could also have risked his relationship entirely, as such words wouldn’t have taken much time to spread.

Being in the middle of all this situation, he now really wanted a clear perspective of going ahead with things so he shared his experience on social media. And no doubt many people agreed with his actions for setting things straight for himself because in the end there is always a limit to everything.