Prom Pictures Get Photo-Bombed By Zombies

People often resort to different kinds of photo shoots to secure their golden moments. They make sure that they pose perfectly to get a perfect picture. A well-clicked picture can certainly put them on reminiscing mode when they behold it. A couple with the same thought in their minds decided to go for some high school prom pictures. But some uninvited zombies intruded in their affair and gave it a deadly touch.

The young love birds chose Senoia, Ga., as the destination for their photoshoot. The special place was then hosting the sets of “The Walking Dead’ show. It was the on-screen stand-in for the town of Alexandria. So Senoia was certainly on their checklist. After planning every bit of it, they approached Stephanie Smith of Stephanie Smith Photography for their auspicious tryst. They shared their plans and preferences with Smith. After all the deliberations, the plan of their shoot was charted out.

The assiduous Smith was fully acquainted with the ‘filmy’ fact of her project. The trio reached the designated place and hunted for a perfect scene. Then they braced themselves up for the memorable photo shoot. Smith went around and clicked some beautiful shots. Though she abstained herself from taking snaps of the elements that were arranged by the show’s production team.

This is what happens when you try to take your prom photos next to The Walking Dead set! #Senoia #TheWalkingDead

Posted by Stephanie Smith Photography on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The couple was posing for a picture but then they were taken aback by some unusual movements in their surroundings. Some zombies had popped up in the front of the camera. But to the dismay of the dead souls, their stunt was taken up on a hilarious note. Smith did not miss to capture the queer moment. It looked very funny to her. Thus she could not hold herself back from clicking it.

They turned around again to send a scary chill down their spine. But the trio wore a relieved look on their faces. They were like- Ok, we get it. If you are expecting them to be some artists of the show then you are getting on the wrong track. The zombies did not belong to “The Walking Dead” show. In fact, the scary souls were just some performers of the town. They were part of the zombie-themed tourist industry. They caught their prey for the day when they saw the photoshoot affair going on around the sets. So they hopped in to add some glory to those special moments.

Was not that spree a scary one? Well, it wasn’t for the great photographer who did not hesitate for a single moment. The couple was certainly brave enough to withstand the haunting situation. They were all smiles when they saw their intruders. It was looking as if they were welcoming the scary creatures. Zombies, however, lost the battle on their part as they could not take horrific screams out of them.