Quarantine Turns Nightmare For Woman Who Has To Share Apartment With Ex

As the entire world has reached a standstill, many couples are using this opportunity to re-ignite the spark in their relationships. But take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself being stuck with your ex. Four caged walls with no option of exit. That is pretty much the life of this woman, whose story we are about to share.

Georgia Armstrong (24) and Kyle Greener (26) went separate ways as the pandemic hit its peak. Having nowhere else to go, when lockdowns were announced, he had to move back to Georgia’s apartment and live with her and their two kids Oakley (7) and Beau (4). Kyle who was supposed to move in with a friend could not do so as the person booked the flat for his family instead.

The couple began dating in 2010 and three years later their welcomed Oakley. Just like any other couple their relationships too saw many ups and downs. During one such breakup Georgia briefly dated a man who got her pregnant with Beau. However, Kyle agreed to play the role of father to both the kids and the couple reunited. But by Christmas last year it became evident that the two wanted very different things from life and so they decided to split for good. But even during all this they decided to keep the kids first at all costs.

For the first few days things were fine, they decided to split bills, share household tasks and watch the babies one by one but soon, Kyle began his tantrums leaving all the work to Georgia. The man who has no idea what making bed is, keeps lying in front of the television ignoring any work assigned to him. Not only this, he has also occupied a large section of the wardrobe and watches Rugby for countless hours without headphones, disturbing her and the kids.

For a long time she kept tolerating but when Kyle began giving orders to her, she completely lost her cool. Not wanting the kids to hear their mommy and daddy arguing she often takes the high road. Another thing that pisses her off is the fact that he uses Tinder all the time and is a frequent flirter with many women. Georgia mentions not being jealous but the way Kyle ensures that she hears or reads all the conversations between him and the ladies infuriates her.

While Kyle on the other hand, has a different story to tell. According to him, Georgia acts like a psycho, following Kyle around everywhere and thoroughly cleaning everything he touches or comes in contact with- a typical cleanliness OCD, he added. Greener also added that he is treated as if he is a toddler and is not given any space or privacy. Additionally, his request to use the living room to FaceTime his friends also results in Georgia exploding in anger.

The couple definitely seems to have major issues but thank goodness, the kids are refraining them from murdering each other.