Quarantined Man Created Restaurant For Wildlife

Maybe you decided to Marie Kondo your home to clear out the clutter that did not bring you joy, or maybe you started a novel. There are a lot of right ways to pass this time full of boredom. However, James Vreeland came up with an even more interesting and heart-touching idea of creating a tiny little restaurant in his backyard, for the local wildlife and this business was quite successful. Firstly, he designed the little eatery by installing some tiny tables, a fence and even a sign featuring the day’s menu. Moreover, he named it as “Maison du Noix” which means The Nut house.


Finally, he posted the images of the delightful eatery on his Instagram handle and captioned the picture as “Figured now was as good a time to get into the restaurant game. Anyone know how to get ahoid of @gewhitmer for a variance to keep our patio open?” along with some cool hashtags. Moving on, he shared some pictures of his furry neighbors checking the place out. One fine day, he took a time-lapse video featuring some hungry squirrels in the restaurant and posted it on Instagram calling it as a Restaurant’s busy day.

In addition to this, a blue Jay even dropped by, clearly having read some good Yelp reviews. James even conducted live session of the café on his Facebook account and delighted the moods of actual human beings with this amazingly executed idea. His posts and live-streams attracted many likes and comments. Furthermore, the actual live response was even great as the restaurant and its rush always caused many people to stop by and click pictures of the frenzy. But it was the animals who were really benefiting from his ingenuity.