Questions which come to our Mind before going to a Restaurant!

Restaurants and fast food intake is the part of everyone’s life these days. So, friends, just have a look at some of the interesting questions which come to our mind before going to a restaurant.
1. Does the restaurant have a drive through? you are on a national highway and in a hurry to reach your destination, then you would prefer only a drive through restaurant so that your food is served while sitting in a car. However, most of the people will prefer taking a break from a long drive and relax while sitting and having food in a good restaurant.
2. How many items are on the menu?
nikisrainbowrestaurant.comIt is a fact that good restaurants don’t ever try to prepare everything. They just focus on few dishes and prepare them exceptionally. However if a restaurant menu is six pages long, then you should be aware that they are taking shortcuts. Usually, it’s impossible for a kitchen to make and serve so many dishes fresh.
3. Do they have some items on the menu which you have never seen before?
laughingplace.comSometimes we are in a mood to enjoy a new dish with our family and so we are eager to know if there is any new item on the menu. Moreover, if a restaurant doesn’t add even one dish on their menu in a year then they aren’t really trying.
4. Do they have a host or hostess?
msecnd.netMost of the families would expect a girl which would greet them at the entrance or reception. Moreover, good restaurants already know how important it is to greet your guests and so they organize everything accordingly.