Railway Worker Saved Bike From Thief And Waited Hours For Owner To Return

A railway worker, now being called a legend, saved someone’s bike from getting stolen. The unconventional thing in the story was he also made the thief confront about the same. He even waited for hours for the owner to return from his work and hand over the bike to him safely.

Theft is common nowadays. Many people prefer to stay away from such incidents. Some inform the police about the incident. There are hardly any who strode to handle the situation themselves. Abdul is one of such people. Abdul El-Gayar, a railway worker, showed an act of bravery and patience. The incident took place outside Cannon Street Station. When Abdul was returning home after work, he saw a man stealing someone’s bike and fidgeting with the bike’s lock.

The thief was trying to cut the lock with his tools. Abdul was brave enough to not run away. He rather went upto the thief and squared up to him. He did not even fear once and even had a heated argument with the thief. He still did not move an inch and did everything to rescue the bike. He did not let the thief go until he confronted him of his doing. The thief finally had to give up to Abdul’s effort of saving the bike. Since the lock was broken, Abdul took the bike to a safe place and waited patiently till the owner arrived.

Abdul being a railway worker cycles himself to work and thus understands its value. He understands what difficulty people go through in getting a bike of their own. It was later found out that the bike belonged to Steve Farmer. Steve who is 39 years old works near the station and hails from Guildford in Surrey. He came hours later of when the incident actually happened. He was shocked and downhearted to not find his bike where he placed it.

Steve was disappointed in himself for not using a strong lock that day. He almost convinced himself for not seeing his bike again but thought of giving a try to find it. He headed towards the security station to look for anything caught in the cameras. On his way he met Abdul with the cycle who was waiting patiently till 6pm as that is the time people finish their work. To confirm if Steve was the owner, Abdul asked him to enter the code in the lock and after reassuring handed over the bike to him.

Steve was so happy to get his bike back. He explained that he generally uses a strong lock but it was his first day to work after lockdown so he brought his son’s temporary lock. The incident made him realize that even one day could not be taken lightly on the security part. He was all praises for Abdul and said “I can’t thank Abdul enough; he is such a top man.The world needs more Abduls; he is a legend of a man and a credit to his employer.” Abdul’s reply to this was “I was only too happy to help – I couldn’t let a bike theft happen right in front of my eyes.”