Rainbow Cat Undercut Is The Hottest New Hairstyle On Instagram

A latest hair trend has got people going crazy. The trend started when a young lady from Russia shared a picture of her latest haircut. She had her hair dyed in blue and got them cut in the shape of a cat’s face on the back of her head. This hair trend is nothing but an extension of the trend which was held popular in the first quarter of the year, in which youngsters got ‘hair tattoos’ into their undercuts, of shaved designs.


Katichka, who recently got the cat hair tattoo posted a picture of it, on her Instagram account. Previously, she had pink hair of medium length, but she changed her style with ‘split’ dye job. Now one side of her hair is bright blue and the other pink. She got the hair at the nape of her neck shaved short and got a cat design shaved in it. The cat is dyed in bright blue while the undercut remains pink.


More than 13,000 people follow Katichka on social media and she can be found at @laserb.kate on Instagram. Her picture itself has got more than 14,900 likes after it went viral. She posted it online and captioned it as “My sleepy cat with me always”.

She also praises Aliya Askarova, her hairdresser, in the post and writes that “Ms Askarova knows my dream.”


Since the time Katichka shared this post on Instagram, it has received numerous shares by people on their own accounts. The picture was also shared by many who are professional hair experts and are dedicated to outrageous hair.

There is no doubt that Katichka is a cat lover as only few weeks prior she posted photos with her Siamese cat. Not just that, it seems that she got a tattoo of a colorful cat. She got the tattoo just three days before she got her new hairstyle. She has posted pictures of both the design and the tattoo guns.

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