Rent A Castle With Your Friends At 22 Pounds Per Night

People having a large group of friends find it tough to find a place to crash as there is never enough space for all of them. It’s a huge problem to make fun plans together. You surely cannot imagine you and your other fifteen friends going out for a movie and grabbing a bite later on. This deal solves this problem for people with huge groups.

The Castle has eight rooms in it which can host sixteen people on the beds. It has its fairy tower and even has an observatory for guests to explore. The Castle dates back to 1835 and situated in West Ashton, Wiltshire. The Castle is just perfect for rowdy parties as the ginormous Castle is surrounded by private land. The nearest neighbors to the Castle are two miles away! It is the perfect place to throw a wild celebration.

There is a self-contained Clockhouse on the ground which is just fifty feet apart from the main building. This Clockhouse can accommodate four people while the six double bedrooms in the main building can easily accommodate another twelve guests. The main building has a dining hall for twenty, conservatory and a built-in chessboard.

Surprisingly, the castle still holds its original items in it such as its beamed ceilings, gargoyles, and the historic fireplaces. It even has thick stone walls and a few chandeliers hanging on the ceilings.

This doesn’t mean that the Castle does not have any latest upgradations. The owners have upgraded the castle with the double AGA cooker, roll-top baths, and a twenty-four-hour CCTV security system. Just to add a bit more security, the main lock is keyless and requires a digital key.

The owners have recommended interested guests to get an early booking to avoid any disappointment. And we are to comment on this statement, we will suggest you get it done ASAP as you don’t want to miss out on this great deal. The bookings are open till November 9th, 2020 only. If you want to make a booking, as of now, you will get it at £699 which falls to approximately twenty-eight dollars per person if the group has sixteen members.

If you have a large group and are planning a vacation, haven’t decided on the location yet, then we’d say do consider this option. A Castle at twenty-eight dollars a night is surely a deal worth taking. We hope you find your booking!