Restaurant In Thailand Gives Diners Company By Placing Stuffed Pandas On Seats

In a very imaginative way, this restaurant owner in Bangkok found the perfect way to keep his lonely diners’ company during the ongoing pandemic, by placing cute stuffed pandas on seats. The idea helped in maintaining social distancing as well as keeping diners’ company while they enjoy their meal.

Come to think of it, the pandemic has drastically changed our perception towards the world and had a huge impact on our lifestyle. Adding to it is the frustration on various concerns like health issues, unemployment, and social distancing is nerve-wracking. While many countries are now slowly emerging from the pandemic, many still must follow strict health guidelines in order to curb the virus. One such country is Thailand and while they have eased their lockdown restrictions and have allowed the opening of restaurants and some public places, they still have to follow social distancing.

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NEW NORMAL @ Maison Saigon เมซง ไซ่ง่อน เปิดให้รับประทานในร้านแล้ว !! จะมาเดี่ยวๆ มาเป็นคู่ หรือมาทั้งครอบครัว เรามีบรรดาน้องหมีแพนด้า และแผ่นฉากใสมาช่วยรักษาระยะห่างให้คุณแฮปปี้ และเฮลท์ตี้กับรสชาติอาหารเวียดนามแท้ๆ .. อย่างปลอดภัยไร้กังวล พร้อมมาตรการรักษาความสะอาดอย่างเข้มงวดตามมาตรฐานของรัฐ พิเศษสุดในช่วงเดือนพฤษภาคมนี้ เรามอบส่วนลดอาหาร 20 % สำหรับการรับประทานในร้าน เมซง ไซ่ง่อน โครงการ เวลา แอทสินธร วิลเลจ เปิดให้บริการทุกวันตั้งแต่เวลา 11.00 น. ปิดรับออร์เดอร์เวลา 19.00 น. สำรองที่นั่ง 02 656 4966

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The same goes for this one Vietnamese restaurant which recently opened after restrictions were lifted in Thailand. Initially, they placed one chair at a table to maintain social distancing. But something seemed off and sad about it. The owner of Maison Saigon, NatthwutRodchanapanthkul told Reuturs, “Earlier we had only one chair for the tables where the customers came alone. But for me, it felt strange, so I thought I’d give them some company.”

Creatively, they gave their customers some company by placing stuffed pandas on some chairs, so they won’t feel lonely. By doing this, they are also doing their part in maintaining social distance while the customers enjoy their dining experience. On their Instagram page, they wrote, “The Maison Saigon is now open for eating!! Come alone, as a couple, or as a whole family. We have pandas and clear panels to help keep the distance for you to be happy and healthy with authentic Vietnamese taste safely, without worries, with strict cleanliness measures in accordance with state standards.”

They are regularly updating their Instagram page with cute pandas sitting on chairs and giving company to diners. The restaurant has since received a huge positive response for its way to light up the mood of its diners. One of their customers said, “The doll has made me feel less lonely eating by myself.” While another explained that not only, they improved the mood of the place and made it cheery but also made clear directions for seating arrangement.