Retiree Puts Up A Poster Asking For Friends After His Wife’s Demise

Tony Willams told how time flew away without him talking to anyone following the demise of his wife named Jo. She passed away at the age of 75 years. The 75 year old pensioned physicist who had no kids told how desperate he was to talk to someone. He always waited for the phone to ring but it never rung. Tony was without a family and hence he decided to put up an advertisement in the local newspaper.

He wanted to look out for some friends with the idea of putting up an advert but he never received a response which tore him apart. However, he did not put off his efforts after few setbacks. Tony then went and printed some business cards so that he could hand them out whenever he visited the supermarket or when he was out for a walk. Still, the situation remained stagnant. Despite handing out dozens of cards, he didn’t receive a call.

Understanding the situation, it made him put a poster on his window hoping that people would catch a glimpse of his poster and reach out to him who was willing to become his friends. The post told that he lost his wife and he was lonely with no one to talk. He was surrounded by incessant silence that tortured him every day. He asked out for help. Sadly, every inch remained the same. He even told how he sorted to different ways to look for friends.

According to him, it seemed like no one was willing to talk to him. He tried every method possible and even told this might be his last resort. Tony told that not many people pass by his house although he still hoped that it would spread out in the community and there might be someone who would reach him.

Jo was her best buddy and they had a beautiful life together. Unfortunately, he was completely isolated after passing away of his wife. Tony does not want someone to sympathize him; he just needed a friend with whom he could talk. Tony was willing to talk to a normal person about anything and everything. He spent his time sitting in the silence just waiting for the phone to ring.

Tony met his better half more than 36 years ago and the couple always had a perfect alignment. He expressed how natural his relationship was, with no secrets and they were always transparent to each other. In Kempley, they used to wrap up their work in evening and used to cook together by sharing responsibilities and put it together at the end. They would lollygag their day by laughing and listening music together. Indeed, they were a match made in heaven.

They moved to Alton in East Hampshire so that Jo could stay close to her sister, Beryl. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away nine days later. Tony told that the house reminded him of his lovely wife where she took her last breath. Whenever he walked into the room, the first thing he would do was freeze the photograph of Jo in his mind. His neighbors offered to help him but he insisted that he wanted someone of his age.