Ryan Reynolds Offered Reward For A Teddy’s Return And It Worked

Almost everyone fond of watching action movies is a fan of Ryan Reynolds and you must be used to see him as a superhero in the movies. However, he is playing the role of a good guy in his real life too. He pitched about finding a woman’s lost teddy bear on Twitter. Fortunately, it made a safe return.

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation reporter, Deborah Globe, posted about a 28-year-old Vancouver woman’s stolen backpack. In response to it, Reynolds announced an award worth $5,000 for the safe return of a stolen teddy bear on July 25. Being a native of Vancouver, he tried to help Mara for attaining her special teddy bear back. Not only this, he requested the public in general to make this task possible.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Mara Soriano was about to move into a new apartment in Vancouver’s West End. On July 24, when she was making all the arrangements to shift into her new house, she received a call from her close friend. She asked her to help her out in the shifting. However, she discovered that her friend met with an accident and got severely injured. On hearing this, she immediately rushed for her help and left her bag pack there only. The bag contained important documents along with some valuable electronics.

Nonetheless, the most important thing that was placed in the bag was the teddy bear she got from her late mother. When she returned back to the same spot, she found the bag nowhere. Moving on, she explained in her interview that how badly she wanted the teddy bear. She stated that her mother, Marilyn Soriano, died of cancer in June 2019 at the age of 53. Before leaving for the hospice care, she recorded a final message for her and put it in the form of an audio into the teddy bear.

The audio had her mother’s voice saying, “I love you, I’m proud of you, I’ll always be with you”. The bear had a really special place in Mara’s life as she used to hug it tightly whenever she missed her mother. When Deborah posted about the incident on Twitter, Mara replied to the post by thanking her for spreading the news along with a picture of her with her mother. Moving further, she even got her building concierge to check the security camera footage. Thus, she discovered that a man took the bag and walked away.

She posted the footage on July 27, on her Twitter account along with the caption in which she told that her fiancé was still in the alley, not inside, so it was right beside the uHaul cabin. The thievery happened just after he pulled into the loading bay. The devastating story left people heartbroken such that it was retweeted 97,000 times. In addition, the Vancouver Police Department also tweeted to request the people to inform about the teddy at the given number.

On July 29, Soriano shared the amazing news of the return of her Mama bear and posted a picture of her with the teddy. Following this, she expressed her gratitude towards Deborah Globe for breaking her story. Moreover, Ryan Reynolds wished her for this happy news and thanked everyone for helping out.