Security Team Of Office Building Won Hearts With Their Thoughtful Move During Lockdown

A security team at an office building in the U.K. rose to fame when their green deeds came to light. A Tumblr user named ‘wafflesrisa’ took to the platform to share the survival of her office plant. The security team collected all the plants on the 12 floors and moved them into the cafeteria area for better care and lighting.

Pandemic has hit hard all humans and beings alike. With the professional people moving behind their home doors as the unprecedented pandemic wave lashed at the professional sphere, the green beings in the concrete office jungles have toiled to retain their charm and growth. They have held their breaths up to withstand the wrath of the situation. But to the delight of some of them, they have got their pandemic caretaker.

A security team at an office building in the U.K. was concerned about the tumbling state of the plants with their keepers stuck at their home and delivering their commitments through the virtual world under the ‘work from home’ provision. They thus decided to take the matter into their hands. Not just that, one of them added to their intentions with its florist skills.

They moved around the building to collect all the plants breathing on all the 12 floors. They moved the green beings into the cafeteria area for better care and lighting. To avoid the confusion at the time of their return, they labeled each of them with their floor and desk location using post-it notes. Soon, the dead silence of the cafeteria moved away with the hustle and bustle of the plants.

Not just that, to cut out the worries of their keepers at their homes, an email reached the boxes of all the office people. It informed them about the care and state of their plants. To keep them in touch with their keepers, they shared the pictures of the plants through a private Google Doc.

The heartwarming deeds of the security team soon came into light. A Tumblr used named ‘wafflesrisa’ shared their act. The user works with a law firm having their office at the building. The person also has her plants under the care of the security team.

Taking on the pandemic shutdown, the user wrote, “When lockdown happened in the U.K. it happened very suddenly. At the law firm I work at, our office building getting emptied over night when everyone was told to work from home. No time to clear desk, no time to bring office plants home”. Adding to that, the person shared, “Everyone assumes that their plants are dead”.

Taking on the laudable act of the security team, wafflesrisa shared, “and the security team has moved EVERY SINGLE PLANT from all 12 FLOORS of our office building into the cafeteria”. The user then received the mail informing about the well-being of the plants.

They moved the plants into the cafeteria as it faces east. Thus, there is a better scope of lighting for the plants.

Shedding light on the condition of the plants, she wrote, “The plants are being taken care of tenderly. They get sun and water and are spending happy times with other plant friends”. Not just that, the user also shared the pictures of the green beings enjoying their stay at the cafeteria. One can see all kinds of plants bubbling there.

The post has hit the ceiling of fame by garnering more than 41,300 notes.

Keep the vibrant green spirits up around!