Seven Foot Man Is Refused Driving License For Being Too Tall

Brazil’s second tallest man, Denis Albino looks none less than a skyscraper when he stands with other people and the reason is his whopping height of 7ft 5in. You might have met several people who always long to be taller than they already are.

It’s quite an innate feeling, we all feel as if we are bereft of something in our life. Instead, in Denis’ case, he has to face several issues due to his giant height. One of them is driving a car.

The supposed advantage doesn’t let him have a driving license of his own and the reason is obvious. He is so tall that it is merely possible for him to properly fit inside a car and his feet with the US size 16 are also too big to fit on the pedals of a car.

Denis needs a vehicle of his own to travel to various shows and TV performances but he cannot have it because of being denied to have a license. Even if he’s able to get inside a car, his head touches the car’s roof.

Being the 47-year old man born in the capital city of Brazil, Denis is the second tallest man alive in his country, as per the reports of the local media. Back in 1994, he had learned to drive and he was just 21 years old at that time. Still, he is unable to get his driving license after several attempts because he appeared to be too big for the vehicle he had been using during the test.

Four years back, he extended the driver’s seat to have extra space (10 centimeters) for keeping his legs but unfortunately, all his hopes vanished because the head still touched the roof. Summing up all, he had to relinquish his thought of getting a vehicle for himself.

Not only does he face this misery in the cars, but his wishes fall torrentially in other things as well. Having the same scorning feeling on flights, Denis apprises, “I always have to book a seat by the emergency exits where there is space for my legs, otherwise I cannot fly.”

Having no license, Denis has been obstructed by the police many times while driving his car. He further says, “Every time I was pulled over, they listened to my story and helped.” Talking about the extremities in terms of height, we also know Jyoti Amge who is the world’s smallest woman. She is just 2ft tall but her 35-year old friend, Sultan Kösen from Turkey falls in the same category as Denis Albino.

Being 8ft 1in, Sultan is the tallest man on Earth. He and Jyoti Amge were also invited to Egypt for a photoshoot in the year 2018.