Shopper Demanded Parking Spots Be Reserved For Families That Spend Most Money

The letter states that the wealthy and the rich people should park their vehicles closest to the shop as they have a lot to carry. They believe that parent and children spaces could have been put to use in a better way. These newspapers have riled the readers by informing and suggesting the ideas for an alternative use for parent and child parking spaces at shopping centers.

Writing under the name of Diana Davenpor, this controversial author strongly believes that the wealthiest and the richest section of the society must be given spaces closest to the market centers as they spend most of the money and have a lot to carry.


The newspaper letters even express the grief and frustration, the people are going through as in their opinion, the best parking space near the doors is reserved for so-called parent and children parking. It also read as when parents are able to produce offsprings they must not hesitate and resist to walk across a cark park into the supermarket.

It also stated the argument that the best spaces must be reserved for the best cars. It spoke for thousands of voices that ultimately it is they who spend a lot on their shopping and carry it back into their cars.

This prestigious letter was published n Melbourne’s Herald Sun and Diana, who claims to be from an affluent inner-city suburb, sparked both fury and humor when her views were shared on social media.

Diana is even well known for writing controversial letters to newspapers.