Single Mother Receives An Unexpected Gift Inside Second Hand Car

A single mother bought a second-hand car, and just after a while, she discovers that someone had left a gift for her inside it. She broke down in tears after getting to know about it.

Jen Willis, a mother from Melbourne, Australia, brought a Subaru Outback in exchange for her previously owned two cars. Following the incident, after pulling down the sun visor, she saw an envelope that contained cash and also a letter. She initially anticipated it to be mistakenly left by someone. However, as she read the letter, she assimilated that it was indeed a gift for her.

The letter said: “This is a random act of kindness. Please use to spoil your family in a way that makes you happy. Just felt it on my heart to do for you, in what sounded like a challenging time for you.” Jen was left in tears after the discovery. She also decided to share this information on the Facebook group “The Kindness Pandemic”. She was highly obliged with this nice gesture.

She explained: “With only one adult now in our household here in Daylesford, I did a two for one with our cars and sold our Prado and Suzuki Swift to a dealer and bought a Subaru Outback privately and when I pulled down the sun visor as I went to drive my new car home, this fell into my lap.” This heartwarming gesture had made her very emotional. Collectively, there were three $50 notes in the envelope along with the letter.

Besides, Jen got separated from her husband and was now the only adult in the house along with her three kids. She admitted that the previous owner of her car was “a lovely guy in his 60s.” She just wanted a used Subaru Outback that was easy-to-drive and also had all the safety features.

She had told the owner that her younger son was unwell and also about her enervating full-time job. Buying the car, she just hoped to get relieved a little from the severe stress. She added: “When I turned it over and read the beautiful message and realized it was a gift for me, I was overwhelmed, and of course started to cry a little!”

This Facebook post has received more than 10k likes and has also been shared a lot. People reverted saying, it must be gladdening for Jen to get the gift. A person was also in tears after reading the post. As for now, Jen wants to take her two boys for a great dinner at a restaurant. Also, her 19-year-old daughter, who lives in Brisbane, was quite happy after knowing about this incident.