Sir David Attenborough Writes Letter To Kid Who Asked If Humans Will Go Extinct

Well, the answer to this question isn’t an easy one, even for grown-ups. It was a time for the bedtime teaser when Otis threw this question on his mom. But Gerry, Otis’ mom, didn’t have a clear answer and she honestly told him the same. Instead, they both chose to ask someone who has adequate knowledge to provide a logical explanation.

They finally decided to write a letter to Sir David Attenborough for the same. Being a 94-year-old naturalist and TV presenter, he has spent most of his life studying animals, humans, and particularly, dinosaurs. Surprisingly, the mom found a handwritten letter on their doormat which had the reply from Sir Dave. He answered that we won’t go extinct as long as we take care of the planet properly.


Gerry, when posed with the question from her son, told him that she didn’t have an answer. Also, she let him know about climate change and the measures we have to take care of our planet. She also discussed the contributions by Sir David and Greta Thunberg, who’ve been working in the same direction in order to bring change. Otis got to know about global warming and some helpful ways to control it like recycling, less use of vehicles, and consuming less meat.

The following day, they prepared a card with a dinosaur drawing and a letter which was then sent to Sir David. “There’s something really special and poignant about a 94-year-old conservationist, who has spent his life working to save the planet, corresponding with a four-and-a-half-year-old who’s just at the very beginning of his journey to understand the impact of climate change and our behavior on the planet,” said Gerry.

She also focused on the fact that the kids need to be taught all these things at a very young age and must be aware of the ways to keep them under control. For Otis, this came up as a big surprise, and it was gladdening to know that he got the response. Gerry added that he looked overwhelmed when she read the letter. He knows well about Sir David and what he’s known for. However, he still needs to grow in order to assimilate the true meaning of the message.

Gerry also appreciated the efforts of Sir David, who has worked so much for the betterment of our planet and made us all aware of our responsibilities. She added, “He has that innate ability to inspire and engage people, whether it’s speaking at UN climate change talks or writing to a young boy about the dinosaurs. He’s a national treasure who has inspired generations.”