Son Built A Tractor Lift For His Old Dad

Farming with passage of time Detroit's the body. An 89-year-old farmer went through the same. This made him miss out on farming but with the help of his son, he rejoiced once again. His son made a tractor lift which helped the old man to get on the tractor and work the fields.

Farming is an activity which takes years to master. Usually, it falls in the hands of a son from his father. Across the world, we can see generations of various families belonging to farming staying in farming. One such farming family, whose passion and source of income was farming went in a tight spot. Due to working a lot in the fields, Bill Sr. couldn’t stand, walk or climb.

Bill Sr. an 89-year-old had worked in the farms all his life. He developed such a passion for farming that he wanted to contribute to it in any manner possible. This made his son, Bill Jr. decide to uplift the spirit of his father. Bill Jr. made a tractor lift wherein his father could get on the driving seat of the tractor with minimal efforts. This made Bill Sr. extremely happy. This allowed him to decide on his own when he should retire.

A local news outlet in Kentucky interviewed the father and son. The father said that he couldn’t walk, stand or climb but he could get out there and cut hay, drill soybeans. He further said that it’s the way the farm people are, they just keep going. He ended the interview by showing how positive he was. He said that he is an 89-year-old as off now and will work as long as he wishes.

The son when interviewed, gave the most adoring statement. He told the news outlet that his father was very active and they wished to keep him that way.

This homemade solution has helped him tackle the problem at hand. The solution has provided the opportunity to Bill Sr. to spend as much time as he wants to with the activitythat he loves the most, farming.

We can see that the father and the son share a strong bond. Bill Jr. didn’t lose any hope and tried his best to support his father. We might suggest that he proved the saying, “When the going gets tough only the tough get going” true. On the other hand, even though not being physically completely fit and having spent most of his life in the farms, Bill Sr. is eager to help his family with work. Seems like everyone in the family has got each other’s back.