Soon-To-Be Dad Decides To Go On A Solo Trip After Partner Gives Birth

Reddit user u/ThrowRAvacaytwins, a throwaway account user shared that she’s pregnant, and her boyfriend was offered to go on a 2-week corporate ‘vacation’ to Bora Bora. The problem, though, is that the vacation is three weeks after her due date to give birth to twins. Naturally, she asked him not to go, but with no use, as he doesn’t see the problem.

The Original Poster was confused by the whole situation, so she asked Reddit if she was in the wrong for asking her boyfriend that he shouldn’t go on a 2-week vacation immediately postpartum. The soon-to-be mother’s boyfriend works in a big company. Where they send their star employee to vacation as an appreciation for their yearly employee rewards program.

The best employees are flown to an exotic location in a chartered private jet and made to stay in the best five-star hotels with all extra costs like liquor and food paid for by the company. This year it is the Bora-Bora. And her boyfriend thinks that this is an amazing opportunity for him to make new allies and expand the business.

The only problem here is that the trip is scheduled for the 1st of November, which is only weeks away from the due date of the babies on 17th October. There is also a clause here where they can take a pay hike of 14K without the vacation, which he completely put off since they are pretty comfortable with his 45K salary. He justified his decision with an analogy where he compared his salary with the Gates and the Benzos.

Besides all the financial drama, what worries the young lady more is that he is thinking of leaving just three weeks after the twin babies’ birth. He sure has called her twin sister and mother to come and help with the babies. But she really wanted her boyfriend to be the one by her side helping with the babies. She tried all the persuasive techniques she could think of. But couldn’t deter him, which is why she finally asked on Reddit if she was being too rude and clingy.

Expectedly, a majority part of Reddit voted that she’s most definitely NOT the clingy one here, and the only wrong person in the story was her boyfriend. Most of them were shocked that her boyfriend even thought of it. They added that with twins there are high chances of a C-section to be performed which is a painful surgical procedure that has a longer recovery time than a normal pregnancy.

With that, there would be two kids, who would be needing regular feeding, diaper changing, and laundry which would drive the mother insane. Someone added that he would probably make better relations if people talked about him as a loving father rather than a snuck up businessman. Others speculated that her boyfriend was just scared to take care of the twins and is using the trip as a way to get away from the caring part.