Starbucks Barista Meets The Fussy Customers Whose Order He Exposed Online

Josie Morales happened to be a barista at Starbucks who was ousted from his job, for exposing a crazy coffee demand by his customer named Edward. Apparently that guy had come up with a long list of ingredients of his own choice that would suffice his coffee needs. The list included five bananas, seven pumps of dark caramel sauce, caramel drizzle, caramel crunch and the list went on and on. The list comprised of 13 different ingredients that Edward had asked for.


Making that on-demand coffee would have definitely been an exasperating task for the barista considering the fact that he had to fit those many ingredients in just one regular glass that eventually would have shaped itself into a massive one. But he certainly didn’t have any other option. Edward’s demand had to be fulfilled, by hook or by crook. So, Josie went on to complete his order but later on shared a picture of the ingredients on social media. The Company he was working with didn’t appreciate his actions and unfortunately, he eventually had to pay a price for it.

Josie was fired for breaching the company’s policy when he exposed his customer’s order picture that was captioned with ‘On today’s episode of why I want to quit my job,’. But soon it was found that Josie had no regrets with him being fired from his job and claimed that he probably wouldn’t have taken any steps to reverse that. His purpose of sharing the crazy order was to make people aware of the fact that how bizarre could some of their orders be. Subsequently, it seemed like his long-awaited wish was granted by the company itself.

As far as Edward was concerned, multiple people asked him whether he considered himself a bit stupid for asking such an intricate order. And to this he added that he was not at all apologetic and never blamed himself of what he did because at the end he always paid a good tip for that amount of hassle. Hence, in his words, a good tip was a $5 tip, that was apparently one-third of the coffee’s actual price. That was not his first order and probably not the last one also.

Once Josie was fired, both of them got to reunite outside the coffee shop and luckily there were no grudges from Josie’s side as both laughed it off as soon as they saw each other. Probably because he was finally able to reveal the inconveniences that were brought up by a variety of customers that had now finally ended.