Starbucks Employee Wrote “HIPPO” On A Customer’s Drink

A woman named Nadia Khan went through a moment of mortification when she received her cup of Frappuccino with some cookies. While enjoying her order, she noticed that her cup did not have her name but ‘HIPPO’ written on it. She lashed at Starbucks with her mother. Finally, the coffee giant broke its silence and regretted the unfortunate fate.

Big brands often add some unique culture to their services to win hearts. Starbucks is also famous for following a similar trend. The coffee giant gives its customers the privilege to cherish their names on their coffee cups. Coffee lovers love their names on their cups. A woman named Nadia Khan belonged to that group. But then came a wave of embarrassment that made her endure breaking moments.

It was an apt day for Nadia to dream over a cup of Frappuccino. So to relish her craving nerves, she stepped into the sparkling store of Starbucks in Feltham (London). She went ahead to order a cup of Cream Frappuccino with some cookies. The 25-year-old woman waited for a cup with her name. After a few minutes, her creamy cup and cookies reached the counter and finally to her table.

Settling down for her happy moments, she grabbed the cup of Frappuccino. She was about to soak in the pool of eternal satiation when her eyes rolled to the name mentioned on it. To her horror, it was not her name but ‘HIPPO’. Her reveries got shattered into bits and parts. While trying to figure the slip, she blamed bad handwriting for the bizarre. Taking on that part, she said, “When I got my drink, I noticed ‘Hippo’ but I dismissed it as really bad writing”.

Trying to control her nerves, she rushed out of the store with her cup. Then she reached out to her mother- Andria to break her story of a shock to her. Her mother took a look at the cup. She put aside the excuse of handwriting. After all, there is a lot of difference between ‘Nadia’ and ‘HIPPO’.

Demented over the ruthlessness of staff, Andria left for the store. After getting there, she tore into the staff member who made the grave mistake. She chided him for his ruthlessness. Not just that but she went ahead to ask him to treat customers with respect as their appearance was none of his business.


Nadia took to her Twitter account. She tagged the giant and poured out her anger there. She confronted the coffee giant for playing with her emotions. She asked that if they thought it was right for their staff to write ‘HIPPO’ on her cup when she did not tell that was (her) name.

That tweet blew out the Twitter world. The social media users locked in Starbucks with their confrontations. They started asking it to take strict action against its staff member. Some even advised them to send their employees for sensitivity training.

Finally, Starbucks broke its silence and said, “We have a longstanding tradition of connecting with our customers by writing their names on our cups. This incident is not indicative of the welcoming environment we aim to provide in our stores, and have apologized to the customer directly. We are working closely with the store team to ensure it doesn’t happen again”.

Hence, it doused the fire of resentment among its customers. Hopefully, its staff would be vigilant while scribbling on the cups.