Stepmom Refused To Cook Separate Meals For Kids

A stepmother took to the Reddit platform (AITA) to share besets she had to undertake when her step kids stepped in to live with them for two or three weekends a month. In the pursuit of satiating their cravings, she used to end up cooking two meals. Giving up on them, she decided to give up separate cooking for them.

It is not a child’s play to put up with the demands and expectations of the little nuggets belonging to the millennial world. With unlimited comfort and bliss floating around, it takes a good deal of efforts on the part of their guardians to satiate their materialistic urge. A stepmother took on the Reddit platform to pour out the torrents raging inside her.

The woman has been living with the man of her life for five years. She has been married to him for one year. Her husband has two kids- Lily (9-year-old) and Ben (6-year-old) from his previous marriage. The little nuggets used to step in to live them for two or three weekends in a month. The woman loved cooking. She would cook her heart out while working from home.

But the kids never looked satiated with her cooking. They would refuse to eat what she cooked. Then, all of a sudden, they would turn in to ask for a packet of chips or something else. Keeping in mind their eating concerns, she would end up cooking two meals at a time- one for the couple and other for the kids.

Not just that, they would eat bit by bit, taking hours to finish their plates. Things reached heights with her patience breaching the mark. Thus, one day, when her husband was leaving to pick them up, she deliberated with him on the issue and decided to cook no separate meal for the kids.

To her delight, her husband ceded to suggestion. Thus, they went ahead to experiment with that. She cooked chicken and salad for lunch. But the kids ruined her efforts and picked their nose on seeing the table. To ease out the situation, her husband had to offer them ice cream for having them eat their food. Then, her husband cooked the dinner for them (fish and chips) as she was out.

Giving up on their fussiness, she decided to crack down on it. After the kids left, she told her husband that she would not be cooking separate meals for the kids.

Her decision opened up a rift between him and her. He thought her to be mean enough to deny cooking for the kids.

Trying to catch her nerves, she turned to the Reddit platform (AITA) to look for gems of advice. Taking on the kids’ eating behavior, she shared, “Lilly takes at least three years to finish a plate of food, or say she’s not hungry, doesn’t want the rest of her lunch, and then immediately ask for a packet of crisps. I always tell her no, you can’t have crisps because you’re not hungry!”

Paying heed to her situation, the users turned up back her stance. One of them said, “You never said you ‘won’t cook for them’, you said, you will not cook a separate meal for them, which is absolutely reasonable, if he doesn’t want to deal with them being fussy, then he can cook an extra meal, you are his partner, not his maid”.

Hopefully, the matter would have seen the soothing light of the day.