The Strongest Weightlifting Kids in the World

Every parent wants his child to be strong to face daily situations in a bold manner.  Some kids follow their parent’s guidance to become strong physically but the winners are those who have an ingrained passion for becoming strongest in the world.  Likewise, world’s strongest kids and their achievements are covered in this article.
1. Giuliano and Cladiu Stroe
Giuliano (10) and Cladiu Stroe (12) the two Romanian brothers have been weight lifting since they were just two years old. Both brothers perform such exercises that even professionals fail to perform like them. Moreover, In Guinness world records, Guilano holds a number one spot in the top 10 strongest Kids in the world.
He is a record holder in multiple categories such as push-ups without feet touching the floor, longest timed human flag and fastest 10-min hand walk with weights on his feet. On the other hand, Claudio has been awarded for lifting over 4 times his body weight something which most bodybuilders have a hard time doing.
2. Yang Jinlong

Yang Jinlong, a 7-year-old Chinese school boy possesses a strength which is unusual for the kids of his age range. While you can watch him pulling a minivan in the above picture, Jinlong has also demonstrated his ability of consistently carrying 200-pound father on his back.

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