Student Acted As A Human Bench For An Elderly Woman In An Elevator

For instance, 23-year-old Cesar Larios, a college student, didn’t just step up to help an old woman in need, but he stepped down. He worked for HUNKS (Honest, Uniformed, Nice, and Knowledgeable Students). Moving and Hauling service in Florida, a transportation company that sent him to a 10 story assisted living facility to help with a shifting process. During one of his many rides in the building elevator, Caesar found himself with a resident of the building.

She was a 79-year-old lady named Rita Young. Unfortunately, the elevator had some issues and it stopped mid-way. They were trapped inside it for quite some time. Rita suffered from Claustrophobia, which triggered her anxiety during this nerve-wracking misery. In addition to everything else, Rita had difficulty walking normally and moving as one normally would. This made her standing for long periods painful, even with the support of her walker.

After calling for help, Cesar was notified that the rescue team would take an unknown amount of time to come and help them. As the time was passing by, Rita was feeling physically discomforting. At that point of time, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stand for much longer. Seeing her in agony, Cesar started to think of how he could help her.

With a few options available to help Rita, Cesar got creative. He asked her if she would allow him to serve as a chair. The 23-year-old told his boss about what happened in the elevator, who further shared the story with a social media network.

Cesar told his boss when he offered to help her, she was very thankful. In a surprising act of self-sacrifice, Cesar dropped to his hands and knees on the hard elevator floor. Devoting himself completely to his role as a human bench, he insisted Rita to sit on his back while they waited for the help to arrive.

Rita appreciated the man’s efforts and accepted his offer. They stayed in the same position for 30 minutes until they were taken out of the elevator. The Co-Founder and President of College HUNKS, Nick Friedman said that he thought that it was a great example of old-fashioned service and helping fellow neighbors. He continued saying that their company’s motive was to Move the world both literally and emotionally and this gesture of selflessness was a sample of their brand proving their point.

The picture of the man and the old lady, in the position, was shared on the social media network where it said that the employee of the company confirmed that the company’s objective to make the world a better place was more than just a slogan.