Student Gave A New Wardrobe To Bullied Classmate

It occurred when this 14-year old freshman saw one of his classmates getting bullied at Lakota East High School in southwest Ohio. He was being bullied for wearing the same clothes repeatedly. And the only thing this classmate could think of in response was to show his anger which obviously, was ineffective. Martin didn’t want him to be treated like that and decided to help him out on his own.

He took out some of his decent clothes and also spent $60 from his pocket to buy newer ones from the store too. After that, he put them all in a duffel bag and handed it to his classmate. He also said: “I know pain when I see it. I could tell he was just expressing his pain through anger. … I felt his pain on a mental level.”

The moment was captured on a video and went viral after being shared on social media but Martin wanted to get the video removed to hide the identity of this student. Not only did he do it to help his friend in need, but he also did it to make others realize what it is like to be in someone’s shoes who is getting bullied.

Besides, he’d have never thought that his good little deed would bring such a huge impact. He added: “I released the video to open people’s minds about what goes on at home to people who had everything handed to them and don’t understand the real struggle. My generation is so closed-minded about pain, so I posted the video to open people’s minds.”

Apart from this little help, he also started a GoFundMe page to provide more help to this student. Surprisingly, his estimated target of reaching $400 threshold actually went on to be a whopping amount of $8000. For sure, it would be way too much for any family for clothing. After this, both Martin’s, as well as his classmate’s family, had no idea what to do with the money.

After long consideration, they decided to donate the entire amount to a local nonprofit organization, Hope’s Closet. It has been providing support to the foster kids as well as their families in terms of clothes and other things as well. Hope’s Closet executive director Sarah Coleman said to WLWT News: “For $100, we’re able to reach another child.

“So, his $8,000 will reach 80 more kids.” With the money, those 80 children will have three chances this year to shop for what they need. ”
They also shared Martin’s story on their Facebook page, writing, “This is such an inspiring young man.”

On the other hand, the GoFundMe page for Hope’s Closet is still open for donations. Martin had no idea that his simple thought would amount to thousands of bucks. He said: “I want to go father in this and see where this goes and I want to keep giving.”