Teacher Excluded Kids From Party Whose Parent Couldn’t Provide Snacks

In an outrageous note, this teacher is being condemned for sending a note about how their class party works and how the students will be fed, or rather the lack of it, if they won’t bring snacks to the party.

As soon as December begins, for many of us, it’s the start of the holiday season, which brings a whole lot of parties every other day. Children are always excited and energized over their school Christmas parties where they have fun with their school mates, while enjoying variety of snacks and games. Nevertheless, teachers are the one who bear the brunt of it and arrange the whole party. While they may enjoy it doing so, it’s not easy to coordinate with children and their parents and the work process can easily get tiresome.

However, this teacher is facing backlash for her method to control the situation. In order to prevent any irresponsibleness by parents, this teacher sent a note to each parent saying that if their children fail to bring any snacks to the Christmas party, they will not be allowed to eat too. The intention might not be too bad, as the food can become insufficient for the rest, but the approach can be well argued.

The note was shared by one of the Children’s parents, Takaira Scott, who posted it on facebook. She posted the picture of the note saying, “Now for these kids to be between 6 and 7 years this should not be a philosophy. This is definitely not acceptable in my eyes.”

The post has since garnered more than 3000 likes with people reacting strongly to the post, with many against the teacher’s method.

In the picture, you can see the note sent by the teacher to the parents. The note was written formally, providing information regarding the upcoming Christmas day party. However, what was surprising is the given warning written in bold saying if the child failed to bring the assigned snacks, they will not be given any food to eat.

It was written, “My philosophy is: If they don’t bring anything, they don’t eat anything.” Shocking statement to come from a teacher.

Now for these kids to be between 6-7yrs this should not be a philosophy. Kids are kids man. This is definitely not acceptable in my eyes

Posted by Takaria Scott on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Some argued that the teacher’s point wasn’t exactly wrong. One person wrote, “But the parents aren’t scan muster up a few bucks for cigarettes and other irrelevant stuff but can’t buy a big bag of chips for a 1 dollar at Dollar tree. Stop making excuses for them non-participating parents.”

While others took the mothers side saying, “So the kids who can’t afford to bring anything will sit and watch others eat? Way to teach children compassion, community service… oh wait! Teacher clearly failed at that.”

Thanks to the mother’s post, the school district issued an apology on their page with Superintendent Dr Amy Carter posting, “We want our students to view school as a safe space. I can’t publicly speak to the specifics regarding the teacher. However, I want to assure our families and students will participate and no students will be made to feel uncomfortable if they don’t bring refreshments.”