Teacher Went Furious After Dad Tried To Correct Her Over Child’s Name

While the pandemic has got all of us stuck in our homes, many of us are trying our best to cope up with the crisis and resume our work or study from home. Hence, online teaching is the new normal with schools organizing online classrooms for its students to resume their studies.

However, as the children study from home, it allows parents to scrutinize how their children are being treated in the classrooms, especially by their teachers. So, when one father noticed that her daughter’s teacher continued to mispronounce her daughter’s name, calling her Kelly, instead of Keeley, he took it upon himself to correct her.

At first, he was confused when he randomly sometimes heard her teacher calling someone named Kelly. As the class only consisted of 15 children, he knew that no one is named Kelly in her daughter’s class, and soon realized the teacher is referring to her daughter. He wrote, “after school was over, I asked her if that had been happening all year in this teacher’s class and she said it had and it really annoyed her. I asked her why she hadn’t corrected the teacher if it annoyed her so much and she said she had repeatedly at the beginning of the year but the teacher kept calling her Kelly, so eventually she gave up on reminding her.”

Then he decided to send her an E-mail and clear the misunderstanding regarding her daughter’s name however, she got no response by her. Afterward, he asked her daughter to log in to her class early and try to correct her again. But when he again heard her teacher referring to her as Kelly, he took it upon himself and went over to the screen and said to her, “Hi, this is Keeley’s Dad. Her name is not Kelly. It’s Keeley. Hard E. Sorry for any confusion.”

He thought that whatever confusion might’ve been left will now be over. A few hours later though, he got an e-mail from the teacher inviting him and her wife to the school for a parent-teacher conference with the vice principal.

Writing about the whole ordeal of the meeting, he added, “The long and short of the meeting ended up being the school feels that while the teacher probably should’ve learned her name, that the real problem is she feels I challenged her authority by correcting her in class and that the names were ‘similar enough’ for it to ‘not have warranted such drastic action’.”

Needless to say, they were pretty surprised and couldn’t believe that they would be called for such a trivial thing and even dared to cast blame on them.

Unsurprisingly many Reddit users sided with the dad and wrote that authority can’t be misused and it was extremely wrong for the school to side with the teacher instead.