Teen Brothers Build A Start-Up To Retire Their Mom

They say, the best return gift is that of love and care. No one understands this better than Jhai Dhillon and his brother Simmy, who started their own food business Rice n Spice Meals at the age of 16, with a goal of retiring their mother. Seven years down the line, they made it! Kudos to the kind and loving young entrepreneurs!

Jhai and Simmy, who are now 24 and 23 years old, turned the tables with their blood and sweat and finally achieved what they dearly wished for. Rice n Spice Meals’ clientele includes celebrities such as Leicester City midfielder Demarai Gray, striker for Wycombe Wanderers Adebayo Akinfenwa and Love Island contestant Molly-Mae Hague.

Kal Dhillon, the mother of two brilliant sons, has retired from her regular staff job at Tesco in Bristol at the age of 49. Now, she can enjoy the complete freedom and independence of doing whatever she wants and anytime she wants, along with a life-long security. She can’t be more proud.

Kal now works as a manager in Rice n Spice Meals. She no longer has to work under anyone and she enjoys playing her part in the business.

“So when we were old enough to not need her looking after us, it was really difficult for her to essentially start a career again, so she had to take part-time jobs in supermarkets.” Says Jhai in an interview.

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Mum’s worked in the same job since before I was born. It’s unglamorous yet it provided her with the flexibility to spend time with us growing up 😇👋🏾👦🏽👦🏽 – When I turned 18, I became aware that we’d prevented Mum from having a career. I felt guilty so I promised Mum that I’d find her a new career. I quickly realised that the world doesn’t make it easy for a woman to spend 20 years prioritising her kids, and then start a ‘career’ 😕 – There were options available, yet I knew none would improve Mum’s quality of life. Jobs would pay more, yet they’d be unfulfilling. Courses promised development, yet weren’t designed for someone who hadn’t seen a classroom in 2 decades 🙄 – Failing to accept defeat, I had one last idea – I told mum that the best way for her to learn & develop would be to work in a business which I created, so that I could teach her 🤗 – Fast forward 5 years and this week, Mum turns 49. She’s been helping us with RNS for 3 years whilst reducing hours in her current job. We challenge her to solve problems. We give her responsibility to lead. We encourage her to innovate 💭 – Today, Mum visited Bristol & I was able to give her the green light: “Hand in your notice Mum, you’ll never work for anyone else again.” 💚🤗 – It’s incredible what impact you can have on people when you invest time into their development. It’s what we seek to do with all of our clients & staff, not just with Mum, and that will never change 🤗 – Visit RNSMEALS.COM and we’ll treat you the way we treat our Mum 👋🏾🤗💚

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He added, “As the business grew, we gradually reduced the days she was working at Tesco as we could support her financially in return for her helping out at the business.

She helps out with the business a couple of times a week by managing the shifts and sits in on meetings and calls on strategy or marketing. But she now does this as she enjoys it and it’s her ‘new baby’ rather than because she has to for work.
“She spends the rest of her week, reading, going to the gym or doing yoga now.”

When asked about the growth of his business, Jhai explained how his brother initially started the business at university in Bristol in February 2017, which was almost three years ago. It worked very well and thus Jhai’s brother insisted on him to start a branch in their hometown of Hitchin, Hertfordshire in April 2017.

Jhai further talks how it was just him and his mother in the Hitchin branch and Simmy would help them there during uni’s summer break. Simmy later decided to take a gap year from uni and Jhai decided to stop playing football. What started with a team of 3, had a staff of 16 just in the course of 12 months.

Rice n Spice Meals has a very popular subscription based model. They provide people with very healthy meals, deliver them chilled on Sundays and the clients use them throughout the week.

What an inspiring and delicious story!