Teen Raised $14,000 To Help Senior Dogs Find Their Forever Homes

Meena Kumar who had been in love with dogs since she was a toddler, raised $14000 to help senior dogs get adopted in forever homes.

Meena Kumar was born in India, spent a year in an orphanage and later got adopted by her parents. Kumar adopted her first dog, Bambie when she was 8 years old. She taught her pup tricks that included giving “hugs” with her paws. Later, her love for canines grew when she visited Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a shelter in San Francisco dedicated for senior dogs to find forever homes.

Meena, being too young to volunteer at time supported the organization by creating her own company, Pet Fairy Services. It offers pet boarding and walking. Everything in the earnings are donated to Muttivile Senior Dog Rescue. In addition to it, the matching donations from her dad’s company is also donated. The teen, up till now donated more than $14000 to the rescue over the past years.

“All our funds go to saving dogs’ lives” told Sherri Franklin, founder of the shelter to “Good Morning America.” Further adding “Just $1000 helps saving a couple of dogs’ lives, so imagine what her donations have helped us do.” For her part, Meena loves giving back, making us all so proud as well as being an inspiration to us all.

The teen said, “It feels great to know that I’ve saved many dogs’ lives and given them another chance to enjoy life for their last years of living. I feel like all dogs should get a forever home just like I did.” It definitely makes us all feel better about the world and hope for something better. With everything going on in the world at time, it certainly gives us hope and inspiration to have a better and kind tomorrow.

Jayashree Subramonia, Meena’s mom is inspired by her daughter’s kindness and generosity as well. She also said how she enjoys having neighbor’s dogs in her home. Meena hides treats for the pups to go on “treasure hunts.” True, a beautiful mind lies behind an innocent heart. “This entire journey of the love for animals in general and supporting senior dogs has been a gift to us.” She added in her statement.

Meena Kumar is currently working with Pebble Naturals. It is a pet supplement company to raise funds. If one purchases products from this site and uses code “MEENA”, 100% off the proceedings will go to her campaign. Meena gave a chance to do something good as well and everybody thanks her.

Everyone is incredibly proud of Meena and “forever” grateful for her kindness and helping getting senior dogs a “forever” home. What a wonderful young woman she is, inspiring people of not just her generation, but making the future so bright. She is wished the best and continued success with her work helping senior dogs. It feels amazing to know that the future of the world is in good hands.