Teen Who Pushed Her Friend From The Bridge Sentenced To Spend As Much Time In Jail As Girl Did In Hospital

Jordan Holgerson was 16 years old when this incident took place. She was standing on the periphery of the bridge. This bridge is 60 foot over Moulton Fall. It is situated over the Lewis River in Washington. It was the month of August (2018). Jordan stood there wearing her bikini. She turned towards her friends behind her. On turning, she admitted that she was really afraid to jump from there.

Taylor pushed Jordan in an impulse and without any provocation. Jordan couldn’t gauge this and plunged into the river with a loud sound of crashing. Smith was 18 years old then. Taylor had no desire to harm her. She had no wrongful intention. However, Jordan had to suffer from several wounds. In a video footage shooting this whole incident, something was audible. It was heard that Taylor tells Jordan that she will push her and Jordan in reply denies to this.

Jordan Holgerson had good fortune. She survived after the traumatic event. But she suffered some serious injuries. Six of her ribs were smashed. She also had got her lung ruptured. Not only this, she had air bubbles in her chest. Smith was sentenced nearly one year later. She pleaded guilty and was charged with heedless endangerment.

Taylor’s lawyers appealed that she should not be imprisoned in return of her emotional request. But the judge who had power over the case would not let her go like as if it was a cakewalk. She cried and was very emotional and apologized at the time of the sentencing. Jordan gave an ethical and virtuous statement over this.

The judge then declared the punishment. Taylor was sentenced imprisonment. The sentencing was unique in itself. There was not a fixed term of imprisonment. Taylor was sentenced to serve in jail till the time Jordan remained in the hospital for recovery.