Teenager Introduces School Closet To Let Underprivileged Have Something Nice To Wear

School time is tough and it becomes tougher when you do not have nice clothes to wear, yes that trivial matter often lands one in the net of bullying and outcast-ism. Realizing the importance of this one thirteen-year-old boy introduced a school community closet, so all of his classmates would have nice things to wear, isn’t that sweet?

So the news it that, a student from Port Allen Middle School in Port Allen, Louisiana- Chase Neylan-Square decided to help the less fortunate and he did so by introducing a magic cupboard, everyone in his alma mater know as the PAM’s Pantry. It accumulates shoes, hygiene necessities, school supplies, outfits, etc. As per the WAFB 9News reports the pantry is loaded with stuff hanging on two different racks and there is more stuff lying around the cupboard. These are all donated items that are recycled before being distributed to the kids.

Chase in his interview with the news station mentioned that he felt fortunate to have been born in a family that could afford all the luxuries for him, he often felt bad for those who were not so lucky, “how would I feel in that situation?” There was a time when he and his family lost everything in a fire and so remembering the times he introduced the closet. The good part is that everyone in the school joined in his efforts and began donating whatever they could.

The pantry is his project under the Student Program for Arts, Recreation and Knowledge, commonly known as the SPARK, it was started by the school’s Principal, Mr. Jessica Major in the year 2016 with the motive of developing leadership skills in young adults, other important ideas worth mentioning here, apart from the AM’s Pantry are, Lunch With the Principal, Brightening Up the Hallways, Library Revamp, etc.

In his bite, Principal Major mentioned that the point was to do something to make the school a better place for all, some things and rules were majorly changed as per the needs. His favorite part of the pantry project was to watch Chase sort things out and then arrange them in the correct order. The process makes him feel as though he is doing his bit in imparting values amongst his students.

After organizing the closet, the things are carefully distributed to those who need them. “Many students come from low-income households and the principal said there are students whose parents can’t afford to buy them things such as nice outfits to wear at eighth-grade graduation.” He added.

The mother of the thirteen-year-old, Amanda Square mentioned that Chase has always been a sensitive kid, besides this, he often holds luncheon parties for senior citizens and has even donated 700 pairs of socks to the homeless. Chase said that he has a “heart for giving” and he would like to add more things to his current concept such as shoes etc.

Very good young fella, we are all proud!