Texas High Schools Held Socially Distant Graduations At Speedway

High School Graduation is one of the most important milestones achieved in life. The 2020 Batch around the world have had to cancel their Graduation Ceremony due to Covid-19. High Schools in Texas were keen to not let their batches miss on this opportunity. This led them to come up with creative solutions.

Little Elm High School in Little Elm, Texas, decided to conduct its Graduation Ceremony at Texas Motor Speedway. This decision was made in keeping the regulations of social distancing. This decision allowed the students to wear their caps and gowns, and create some important memories. Texas Motor Speedway the host for NASCAR races turned out to be a perfect venue for the Graduation Ceremony.

The students first sat on the left side of the finish line where the sitting was arranged in a socially distanced manner. They were then asked to proceed to the right side of the finish line after accepting their diplomas and taking a picture.

The venue which has a capacity of 100,000 spectators had none for this event. The families of the students watched the ceremony from within their cars parked in the Jumbotron which has a nickname “Big Hoss.” The Texas Motor Speedway posted the video on their YouTube Channel.

Little Elm is not the only High School to have conducted their Graduation Ceremony at the Speedway. The Speedway has had 31 bookings for Graduation Ceremony from across the state. As per the reports of Dallas Morning News, it was Denton County Judge Andy Eads who was behind the idea of conducting the ceremonies at the Speedway. Eads had discussed it with the other county officials over a Zoom call.

Eads told the Morning News that Texas Motor Speedway turned out to be the perfect venue for the ceremony. Mike Mattingly, an associate superintendent, shared a few pictures of the Fred Moore High School’s Ceremony which was held on May 22nd.

Anthony Innmon, a graduating senior shared his views about the Ceremony with Forth Worth Star-Telegram. He said there was a point where he and his batch mates were doubtful upon happening of the event. The news reported regarding Covid-19 crashed all their hopes of the event. He added that things were getting canceled but, in the end, having such a Graduation Ceremony was fulfilling.

The Covid-19 situation has brought a desperate situation for survival. This pandemic has led people to find desperate solutions to their problems, which led us to come across several creative ideas around the world. One of the happiest memories of an adult is looking back at their Graduation Ceremony. Many people had their hopes lost while some were keen on finding a solution. Just a handful of them have had the opportunity to attend their Graduation Ceremony 2020.

It is important to celebrate any milestone achieved. Creative solutions like this are the ones which have allowed a few students to not miss on celebrating. Cheers to the Graduates of 2020!